Innovation and efficiency for everyone's safety

Nexstun was born and oberved from a series of high-profile incidents, some of them fatal, that arose during policing operations among civilians. Nexstun believes that police officers are lacking sufficiant compliant equipment. By upholding national security, Nexstun’s priority is to guarantee a non-lethal apprehending method and innovative design by using the latest technology.

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Technological innovation serving non-lethal weapons.


to protect you effectively and to protect the physical integrity of the arrested persons by annihilating any risk of injury or lethality.


To guarantee the safety of the territories and the security of all, the mission of law enforcement is essential.

Thanks to innovation, miniaturization and high technology, lethal weapons can no longer be the only solution and the non-lethal offer must be greatly improved to minimize the dangers during law enforcement interventions for the common good.


Provide non-lethal solutions to avoid confrontations and secure the mission of law enforcement.

As an alternative to standard ranges, our solutions are equipment items for everyday use by officers, upgraded with coordinated technology (team mapping, remote control, black box, etc.) and developed in association with police forces to guarantee their performance, comfort and ease of use on the ground.

Considering the public’s opinion of acceptable equipment and the autorisation by the police, our products fully meet the various requirements for safety and non-lethality to enable you to work more efficiently while providing reassurance to the public.

As illustrated by our Stunglove,

As of today we develop non-lethal weapons which feature among the best in security, in effectiveness and the least harmful on the market.